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Build native android and ios apps using React Native. Both apps share the same code.

MatteCurve is the best React Native development company in India. We are a JavaScript company and have dedicated React Native developers working remotely. We work with fortune 500 companies and startups to build end-to-end solutions based on the JavaScript ecosystem. Share your requirements and hire React Native developers within 7 days.

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About React Native

A javascript library to build native android and ios apps.

React Native is an open-source Mobile Application Framework that provides the facility to develop for both Android and iOS simultaneously. It was one of the rising technologies giving a great promise to save on development time but also carrying some risks.

React Native also defines JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs, so that you can access platform features like the phone camera, or the user’s location in applications based on React Native. One form of code written in React Native is used by both platforms android and ios. We can easily use native views or components like Native Buttons, Native Activity Call, Dropdown, or anything. React Native builds are very fast, this speeds up our development.

To build mobile applications using React Native, A developer should be well versed with many concepts like React core concepts, Mobile development core concepts, generating mobile releases for android and ios, releasing mobile apps on google play store, and apple store, etc. A mobile developer should have good knowledge about platform specific permissions and APIs as they behave differently on each. Hire React Native developers from MatteCurve who are experienced and skilled in developing large scale mobile applications using React Native.

Key Points
1 React Native developers use primarily JavaScript when using the framework, the created app looks and run the same way as if it would be built with native iOS and Android technologies.
2 React Native developers can work simultaneously on both the Android and iOS versions of the app, you don’t need to hire separate teams to handle these two platforms.
3 React Native allows teams to share up to 95 percent of their code across Android and iOS. This can be a huge benefit in the era of agile development.
4 React Native increases the flexibility and adaptability within a development team and makes it less complicated to create updates and upgrades to web applications.
5 In react native you only have to put building blocks together using JavaScript, because it uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular android applications & iOS applications.
6 Live reload provides you the service of reading & compiling a file that developers can modify for presenting in front of a simulator. It can also reload the app on its own from the initial stage.

React Native gaining a huge market day by day due to its user-friendly UI/UX designing features. In today’s digital era, 40% of the traffic is generated from mobile apps which means that smartphones hold more than 60% of all services from the internet. Here are some React Native app examples Airbnb, Artsy, Tesla, Walmart, Myntra. Not only does Facebook itself use the framework, but also Global Companies That Use React Native are Bloomberg, Instagram, Skype, Uber Eats, and so on. Hire Dedicated React Native Developers in India from MatteCurve to grow by 4X.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated React Native Developers
1 Improve Project Outcomes
2 Cost-effective
3 No investment On Hardware/Software Requirement
4 Get Access to Skilled Developers
5 Agile Approach
6 Collaborative Engagement
7 Painless Project Management
8 Greater focus on business
Benefits of Hiring Dedicated React Native Developers

Hire dedicated React Native Developers from MatteCurve?

Why Choose MatteCurve for React Native Development?

MatteCurve has been recognized as one of the leading web development companies in building high-performance React Native apps from India. MatteCurve offers you deep expertise in React Native app development, delivered by a team of highly-skilled React Native Developers with unmatched expertise in building secure apps.

We are agile

In the first week of onboarding a project we discuss with our clients to choose the working process, does he/she has available to communicate day to day with our developers or they want to communicate on a weekly basis. It does not make much difference for our expert developers. Being agile our main focus is to build small shippable features, release early and get feedback from our potential customers.

A+ engineers building your products

We hire A+ engineers through our unique hiring process. Our expert developers write secure well-documented code, write test cases and communicate every detail with the clients. Our engineers go through a process of understanding the requirement and resolve their queries first and then they start writing code.

Build product with strong architecture and well written test cases

We love writing test cases and we have a solid scalable architecture to start any project quickly. We don’t write code for just today but the code written by us can be extended easily in the future.

Automated deployment process

We have an automated process where it does not require manual intervention to deploy web or mobile apps. This helps our expert developers to focus on writing code instead of being worried about deployments. It saves your money.

We have research first approach

After onboarding your project, the first week is for research. It may not require if the client has well-written documents but in most cases it requires. We will do domain analysis, build domain communication architecture and break down the work we need to do to complete the project.


Do you have a Question for us?

How do you assure that my project or idea is secure with MatteCurve Technologies Pvt. Ltd.?arrow

Before we start detailed discussion we would sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Every resource who works with us signs Non-Disclosure, Non-solicitation, and Non-Compete Agreement on the first day of joining our company.

How do you communicate and share progress?arrow

We are AGILE. We communicate our progress every day through slack or email. We use JIRA for tracking of tasks and every task is updated properly with proper description and stages like Open, Inprogress, Completed, Tested and Closed.

What should be the minimum size of the team, I have to hire?arrow

You can hire only 1 developer or a complete team, we have no limit.

How do you assure that the quality work will be done with proper documentation?arrow

We are very thoughtful about the code we write. All of our developers are trained to write very good code. We have code review policy. If you are hiring a team, they would do code review of peer developers and if you are hiring a 1 developer, some one from engineering would make sure that the developer is writing good with proper documentation;

Do you have enough resources to scale my team?arrow

Yes. We have a trained in house team who are experts in javascript technologies. Also we have a community of 1000+ developers, so we can find a resource immediately when we need.

What are the payment terms?arrow

Monthly Payments. We usually take first month payment in advance.

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